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Manual & Automatic Cars Special for New drivers training.

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The College is committed to building vital relationships with our expanding community locally, nationally
and internationally that draw on the power of scholarship and discovery
to transform lives and advance the public good.

Short Courses

Short courses offerd by Fwbc are either courses under VETA or tailor made courses. Courses under VETA includes Automechanics  course.which is also classified into two category one is Automechanics 1 year cousre and three month course. Hotel mgt which is conducted for 1 year and customer realation and sales (CRS) 1 year course too.

Another apart from VETA courses are Tailor made courses. Since Future world work in with different partners such as Plan international. So those VETA courses  are tailored to fit the need of the partner so. We have Hospitality course, which inside there is Hotel mgt,Front Dest Operation and Tourism.Six months Automechanics and Motor cycle riding, six months Customer relation and sales And six months computer Application courses  all those six months courses which fall under tailored system, are conducted in two sesion one sesion is class lectures for three months and another is practical training for three months.