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The College is committed to building vital relationships with our expanding community locally, nationally
and internationally that draw on the power of scholarship and discovery
to transform lives and advance the public good.

Long Courses

Future world business college has schools and one among of those schools are  Business school. in this school future world offer two main courses in long course which are Certificates and Diploma in Business Adminstration,Procurement and Supply mgt and Diploma in Business Adminstration and Procurement and supply mgt.

 Certficates courses are conducted in one year as per NACTE requirement while Diploma certificates are conducted in two years as per NACTE requirement. and student will be admitted to study certificate in either Procurement and Supply or business adminstration if he/she has one among the following requirements atleast 4D in CSEE or NABE II. 

And for a person to be registered to study Diploma in either Procurement and Supply or Business Adminstration he/she must have atleast one among of the following requirements, either Certificate in related courses with one among those two or NABE III or ACSEE with atleast E and S.