Staff List

Academic Staff

  1. Mr. Benson Siwingwa: Lecture: - (UDSM), CPSP (PSPTB)
  2. Mr. Gasper Anthony: Lecture: - B.Sc (OUT)
  3. Mr. Robert Mkolla: Lecture: - (UDSM), Dip. - Marketing (CBE), Full Technician - FTC - Automotive Engineering.
  4. Mr Lemuo Kivuyo: BPS (CBE), Diploma in Marketing (CBE).
  5. Mr. Linus Mbalale: Lecture: - Certificate in Vocational Education and Training, at Morogoro Teachers Training College.
  6. Mr. Faustine .A. Boki: Lecture: Degree in Philosophy Jordan University, Diploma in Theology - Jordan University.
  7. Mr. Charles Liganya Lecture: IFM, Bachelor Degree of Science in Social Protection (BSC.SP).
  8. Miss. Atupele Goolove: Lecture:- Advanced Diploma in Computer Science (IAA)
  9. M/S Severina Paul: Lecture: Postgraduate Dip. in Finance Management (IAA), Bachelor of Educaiton (UDSM)
  10. Lusungu Mkollanguzi: Lecture: - (UDSM), CPA (T)
  11. Lenny Lunanilo: Lecture: - MBA (Mzumbe), (UDSM).
  12. Liganya Charles: Lecture:- in Social Protection (IFM)

  Supporting Staff.

1.Modestar  Moody     - Secretary : Certificate in Secretarial course (FWBC)

2.Gestumana   Gwachila:  Accountant : B.COM HR   ( UDOM)

3.Frank  Nyembe:     Assistant   Accountant. Diploma in Accounting ( CBE)

4.Wankyo Elia   Record keeper.  Certficate in Record Keeping ( UWAZILI TBR).