How To Apply

Mode of Application for all Courses

Applications for Admission
The college will choose any convenient means of informing the general public on the availability of chances for courses to study at the college and allow the interested applicant to apply. The applications will be open to anyone with or who meets the minimum required qualifications as required and directed by NACTE.

  • Applicants must fill in application forms which are either issued at teh college or donwloaded from the college website.
  • Applications can only be considered if they include full details of the applicant's personal and education history, copies of academic certificates of education and any other relevant certificate / testmonials supporting the qualifications stated should be enclosed. Birht Certificates should also be included.
  • Eligilbe applicants will be furnished with application foms upon fulfilling payment of application fee and procedures. Application form fees paid to the college is non-refundalbe. Or else an applicant can download the application forms from the college website and submit it with an application fee and for fulfilling the procedures therein.
  • The successful applicant, must pay to the college through college bank account atleast first instalments of tuition fees as a condition for registration. Registration will be incomplete until there is aunthecation from the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) on the validity of the applicant's submitted academic transcript. The applicant who found that his / her transcript is not genuine his / her registration will be considered invalid and will not be refunded the paid fee.