Library Services

Library Services

Capacity of the Library

The collection is in three major parts namely, The general collection with its major components being text books and Journals, special reserve for the tutors/lecturers and the reference collection. Reference and the special reserve books are not for borrowing.

Statutory Rules and Regulations

There are a set of procedures, rules and regulations guiding the users of the Future World Business College Library as follows:-

Potential Members:
The potential users of Future World Business College Library are: Students, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff and part time tutors and lecterers. The external visitors and the general public as a whole can be served with special procedures arranged from time to time.

  1. External users:

Being the higher learning institution, Future World Business College open the door for scholars, researchers, scientists, consulants, professionals and other visitors from different institutions to have an access with our library for various use such as seeking higher education materials, research information or references.

The above mentioned external users get access to the library after obtaining permission from the principal.

      II.  Library Membership Admission / Regulation

The Pre - requisite condition necessary for getting a library membership is to be a college society member. With college society member here implies to either be a student, a tutor, a lecturer ( a permanent or a contract basis one) or a non - teaching staff.

Order and Discipline:

  1. Any Library member will only be allowed to enter teh library after showing the identity card at the entrance whenever s/he wants to enter the library.
  2. Silence should be observed by any library user. Failure to do that may lead into dismissal of the concerned member from library and / or further displine measures to be taken.
  3. Discussions, conversations, shoes, disturbances, indecent dressing, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  4. All mobile phones should be switched off
  5. No chairs should be reserved for future use.  e.g putting one's properties on table reserving it for future use is prohibited.
  6. Inconvenient Movement are not allowed in the library
  7. Personal business (trade) is not allowed in the library
  8. any library user is responsible in maintaining library environment calm and clean
  9. Any chair left empty for more than ten minutes can be occupied by anyone else who seeks for a seat.

Opening Hours:

Day - From Monday to Friday

Time - From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

On Saturday

Time - From 8:00 to 3:00 pm

Sunday and public Holidays the library will be closed.