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Driving courses offered by this institute are part of the efforts of developing qualified and skilled drivers who can work in  transport and logistics sector, the transport sector is the backbone of any economic activities in  every  country, In the course of  transporting goods and people from one point to another, we are seeing a huge number of people being employed by this sector, ranging  from bodaboda, to truck and buses drivers. There are also, other people who work as  auto mechanic,   bus conductors, tone boys,  logistic personnel etc. Simply the sector has lot of employment opportunities.


One of the very big challenges of this sector is the road crashes, which causes death, injuries, loss of properties and subjecting government of different countries to spend big proportions of their GDP on rectifying consequences of the road crashes. Yes, there are numerous measures to be thought of which can reduce the   road crashes. But, many researches point out that more than 80% of all road crashes are caused by human errors.


Driving vehicles    carelessness, recklessness  and under  ignorance of  road law and regulations  are the  main cause of road crashes.    Road Safety Education and Law Enforcement are the measures which can avoid all the road crashes caused by human errors. Future World is therefore taking the role for the provision of road safety education to all drivers through conducting trainings to all people  wish to acquire skills of driving and road safety education; Our training are ranged from the bingers to those wish to be professional drivers of Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) and Public Service Vehicles (PSV).  Joining with Future World, you will have options of selecting  one of the following programs;   

i)              Private vehicles  (Basic Driving) -Three weeks program

ii)             Motorcycle two wheel and tri cycles riders (bodaboda)- is conducted at our college main campus but much more under outreach program in various regions.

iii)           Public Service vehicle (PSV) Ten days

iv)            Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDV) –Ten days Crash program

The trainings are conducted at our college and also under the outreach program. Entry qualifications and other joining procedures are well explained in the application and joining forms.


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Short of Our History

Since 1997 Future World was authorized to conduct driving courses through Future World Driving School, a training wing of Future World Vocational Institute which is registered and regulated by Traffic Police Department of Tanzania Police Force.The trainings conducted are in two categories; the trainings that enable trainees to qualify for ordinary driving licences and trainings that lead to qualify for advanced driving license. Future World Driving School is the only private driving school which is licensed to conduct driving courses for Heavy Duty Vehices (HDV) and Public Service Vehicles (PSV).